Successfully tested on Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS 64-bit

A scanner installed on the server and only accessible locally through the command-line is not very user-friendly. Sharing it over the network to use it from Linux with GUI, Windows or Mac OS X clients would be a great step forward. That’s what we’ll do today.

First, make sure sane-utils is installed by issuing:

apt-show-versions -a sane-utils

If not, install it with the apt-get install command.

Then, configure saned, the daemon used to allow remote clients to access the scanner over the network. Modify /etc/default/saned to enable it:


Edit /etc/sane.d/saned.conf and add the following line to restrict access to local subnet hosts only (adapt to your own network configuration):

Restart the daemon

service saned restart

and make sure it will start automatically at boot up:

update-rc.d saned defaults

Now you should be able to remotely access the scanner on the local network using, for example, SaneTwain on a Windows client. Download and install it following the instructions on the website and you’ll quickly hear the carriage moving and see your first preview image on the screen.

That’s all Folks!

For further reading, see XSane website. It’s an open source graphical scanning frontend which can be installed on multiple platforms and perfectly works with saned.